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And so I confessed to an attached co-worker in a LDR

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Just sent the text after she told me that she felt I was weird today.


"Sorry for all the weirdness. I was just trying to tell you that, to me, you are special. Merry Christmas"


Yes by all expert's advise, its a wrong move but its already 3 months and I have tons of other girls trying to hook up with me. Thought I might just want to start with a clean slate for new year.

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Heres a little background,


Shes a co worker. She was really nice to me when I first joined the company 6 months ago. I knew that she had a bf and I had always distanced myself from her and kept things professional and on the surface.


3 months before, her bf left for a long term overseas attachment and she starting getting closer to me. At first, I thought that she was just being friendly and probably lonely but as the days went by, I realize that she is doing a lot of things for me that she is not doing for other guy friends that she has in the same office (This is a big company that hires a lot of people from my college and there are a lot of college friends ard). There will be times when she will be texting me after work asking me about rather innocuous questions to start a conversation. E.g. "Did you manage to print out that report?" when that report is non of her concern in terms of job responsibility.

There were times when I was just trying to distance myself from her so that I wont develop any feelings for her but it seems almost useless as I spiraled into the love trap.


On friday, I tried to ask her out twice and got rejected twice. It was then when she texted me noting that I was weird that friday. At first I tried to fudge the topic.. but decided that it was best to stop avoiding the issue and sent her this message.


"Sorry for all the weirdness. I was just trying to tell you that, to me, you are special. Merry Christmas"


Its already nearly 24 hrs since I sent the text and she has not replied me yet.


I was expecting a "lets just be friends speech" to put a closure to this and so that I can set the boundaries and move on to other girls.. but its just not coming... help!

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First, yes, when you send texts and they are first reciprocated and then, are not; it does feel like breaking up again. It has happened to me.


Are you expecting the friends speech? If she turned you down twice, why are you still trying? Does she have an interest in you that you can tell?

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