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The Dreaded "Friend" Zone or Is It?


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The fella I've been causally dated just referred to me as a friend - said something like "what are friends for?" in reference to me telling him how down I was feeling but wanted to share with him smiles instead of my depression.


Oh well. I guess we're friends now then. It won't be fwb that's for sure but still.


Unless... I'm still rather new to this whole dating world even though I'm in my late 20s. When I casually dated another guy he'd also mention that I was his friend then one day he introduced me to his friend I'd never met before as his girlfriend. Is this a normal thing that guys do? I mean we're not bf/gf for sure it's still too soon I think (it being a few months now). I also know that every person isn't alike. So in your opinions, especially the older folks out there (sorry... I just figure since I'm in another age bracket it might be nice to hear advice from folks who are 25ish and older) is this a complete stop sign or should I just continue to hang out with him not putting all my eggs in one basket if you will.


I am liking this guy and enjoying his company. He seemed to be enjoying mine as well.

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