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Would telling a girl that you never had a relationship be a big turnoff?

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I am curious about this...Lets say I went out on a date with a girl and she asks me about my past relationship or other relationships I had.. .I myself never had a relationship with a girl. If I would say to her I never had a relationship before, would that be a big turnoff for her? Or more likely she would ditch me or not wanting to see me again? Would you tell a girl that you never had a relationship before? Or would you just lie and say to her that I had a few relationships before even though I never had one. I just want to know what would be the best thing to do.

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I don't think lying is ever a good idea in a relationship or when you're trying to start one. You need trust first and foremost. If a woman asks, just be honest and tell her you haven't yet had a serious relationship or found someone that is a the right fit for you yet. The more into you someone is, the less likely it is that knowing you have not had a previous relationship will turn her off. Not to say she won't wonder about it or find it a bit unusual at your age but if she's into you and thinks you're a good guy, attractive etc...it won't be a dealbreaker.

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Well, it is possible that the person you're talking to could become a little wary and think that there's something wrong with you that makes you un-dateable. But if they're smart, they'll see you for you, not for your past.


The lack of relationship experience could work to your advantage, however. Just look around this forum for threads complaining about significant other's exes and how people are having a hard time getting over their partners' past. This way you know you won't have that problem!!!

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It depends how you say it and in what context it's being asked. It's all in how you act about it. If you feel llike it's a problem and get all self conscious about it, then it will come through to her. But if you could care less and can even make a joke about it, then she won't notice it as a red flag.


Yes lying is very bad. Somehow it always comes back to bite you. But there are ways to deflect things you don't want to answer until a later time. You can make some outrageous joke.

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