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Divorce and Drinking


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As I noted in a previous post, my wife of 15 years informed me she wanted a divorce last week. Anyway, my questions is to those of you that have been through the emotional rollercoaster of the first week or so. I have an office party tomorrow afternoon and I am really afraid to have a few drinks knowing that alcohol is a depressant. I am not a heavy drinker but have been know to tie one on now and then. What do you think, will a few drinks help me relax or send me into a tailspin?

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I'd play it safe and avoid the alchohol. Maybe nurse ONE beer (I assume that's your drink of choice by your name throughout the night if that wouldn't affect you, but stick with non-alchoholic things otherwise.


You wouldn't want to leave your job in embarrassment would you?

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When my wife left, I swore off alcohol for a long time and was so glad I did. You especially need your wits right now, and besides, aren't you depressed enough? Booze just puts you deeper into misery.


Save drinking for celebrating your new life after you get to a heathier frame of mind.

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I pretty much figured this is the advice I would receive. Guess I just needed to hear it from someone else.


Aurian - I suppose my name is a little misleading, while I enjoy drinking beer once in a while, I like brewing my own as well. That's where the name comes from.

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I have to agree with the other posters who advised to stay away from alcohol for a while. I am prime example...actually had the house to myself last night. I decided to have a glass of wine with my bubble bath (no big deal, right?)...well then I decided I wanted one more. What I failed to think about was that I have not eaten all day...so 2 glasses of wine felt like a bottle effect-wise.


Was supposed to be an evening all about me. Instead I lamented and got myself so upset that I called him at 12:30. Of course he was cold and unfeeling. I asked him how he could not care, not feel anything....his answer? "I don't know. Maybe I do." But said flatly and without emotion. Then told me he was not going to have this conversation. (Funny, he has gotten really good at avoiding those).


At any rate, wish I had just made myself some hot tea and had that instead. Or some hot chocolate. I could have painted my toenails or something girlie--pamper myself--instead of padding his ego and making myself feel worse.


Drink water. Or soda. Or hot chocolate!

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