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ok i had this really, bad, disturbing, dream. I am totally straight in my opinion, and have a beautiful girlfriend. Ok heres the jist of my dream.


I was with some guy, not idea who it was, i think he was actually some kind of old tramp and we were in a bedroom hiding from somebody, and well we started touching each other and stuff. And well, started how do i say this "jerking" each other off . . . . god im so embareesed.


And then i woke up, i felt sick as i have never had these thoughts and it was so freaky. I mean does this mean anything ? Is this my hormones making me question my sexuality? whats going on, i love girls not boys.

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Well, as you are so sure you love girls, its not a problem, right?


Seriously, dreams don't mean a thing. Fair enough, I'm bisexual, but I have regular dreams of cheating on my (much loved) boyfriend, sleeping with girls, sleeping with guys, sleeping with lecturers, the neighbours, you name it and I've dreamt it!


Its not a problem at all, just laugh at it and move on.

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It does not mean anything...dreams often are related more to other things than what their actual content is. I have had same sex dreams too, but I am straight and interested in men.


One of my gay friends once told me that he had dreams about other women sometimes even!


Unless you do have feelings when you are awake for other men, I would say that a dream does not mean you are gay.

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no i dont ever find guys attrative, at the most think they have cool hair lol but thats normal. Its just freaked me out and ive been thinking about it all day.


When you have odd dreams like that, it's really normal to think about it throughout the day.


I don't think you need to stress over it though.. you are obviously not attracted to males. Just because you dream something doesn't mean that it's even slightly true.

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Don't worry, I dream I do girls all the time, and nothing creepy happens in reality (I'm slightly bi but, how is that bad anyways?)


Once I dreamt I was making out with my own clone LOL go figure. It was disturbingly hot, and lots of fun.


I think dreams are a great way of cheating without really cheating, no biggie!


BTW, how old are you? Seems like you're freaking out a bit...

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If you are heterosexual and you dream that you are having sex with someone of the same sex, signifies not necessarily homosexual desire, but an expression of greater self love and acceptance. You need to be in better touch of your feminine or masculine side.


I got that from, link removed


I like to see what my dreams, mean. So that's what I found for you.

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You probably dreamt that you were having gay sex because maybe you could be homophobic? Maybe you're really religious and you've been brain washed with that stuff? Dig deeper, it certainly doesn't mean you're gay, maybe something is just trying to tell you that homosexuality is not a bad thing or a sin.

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