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Okay I got this girl's phone number. I phoned her up and asked if she wanted to hang out. She is like sure. Then I said how about boxing day shopping. She is like I am working that day. So I said when would you be free. She says a week after New Years (she does work alot every day actually) that weekend. Then I said that is kind long time. She says I work pretty much every day, this weekend I am off, it is christmas. What should I do? Is she interested or not? Should I phone her again before? Should I call her after New Years? Should I drop it?

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Let her know that you are interested in hanging out with her a week after New Years. It might seem far off, but at least it's something.


Suggest something you can both do and let her know to call you when she knows for sure what day she wants to hang out. Then leave it up to her to make the call if she's interested.

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I have to disagree on the "leave it up to her to make the call if she's interested".


She has only just met you, and kinda isn't sure if she likes you. She's got plenty of friends she can hang with any time, and perhaps some other guys got her phone number too, maybe even on the same night as you did, or maybe some guy from her gym has offered to take her out too.


Sitting by the phone waiting for her to "call if she's interested" is not pro-active, it's assuming that you're the only priority in her life, which is unrealistic when she's just met you, and you were the one that approached her anyway. Unless she already decided that she wants to go out with you, she is not likely to call back. It's not that she doesn't like you, she just doesn't know you and it's more comfortable for her just to hang with her friends than to call up a stranger.


Now, to the matter at hand - she suggested a particular day to you (in fact, she said a 'weekend' - a choice of 2 days). Why not just be satisfied with that suggestion? Did you say yes to it? If so then you have a date. Call her a couple of days before to confirm plans. If, however, you left it hanging and didn't actually agree to a date before hanging up the phone, then you've kinda turned down her offer. With no clear indication from you as to whether she's meeting you that weekend, she might make other plans. Call her up in a few days and ask if that weekend is still good for her. Arrange to meet her for a drink or coffee on the sunday arvo. Make sure you agree on a place and a day, and an approximate time, before you hang up.


PS. she probably already has plans for the new year's weekend. Don't read too much into that. For lots of people, new year's weekend is about spending time with good friends and is organised far in advance. As for after work on one of the nights in between, maybe she didn't suggest that because she works late, or because she assumed you wanted to do some daytime activity like shopping. Shopping is not a bad idea. If you did suggest that then maybe stick with that.

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