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Problems, possible, yes. First, it can hurt just to do it. if you are going to do it, take things slow, warm her up, use lube, stimulate her anaus and rectum with some fingers or something before you dare enter. Enter slowly, let her take it slow. It may help her is she acts with ehr muscles as if she is trying to crap something out. Stop with her complaining of too much pain.


Keep everything that touches her back there from touching her vagina or anything nearer it, until it's cleaned. When you are done, take off the condom and wash. Things from her backside can give you and her uriniary tract infections.

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Just take it realllllly slow and listen to her and how she's feeling.


It also helps a lot if she does manual clitoral stimulation, using a vibrator is a really good idea. It helps take all the pressure of having to perform out of it and sometimes helps relax and enjoy it more.


It might take a few times before you're successful at it, try to remember that and be extra patient.

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Use lots and lots of lubrication. There are some kinds you can buy that also have a mild anasthetic in them that some women swear by, but of course this can also cause you to be a bit desensitized too!


Make sure to take your time. It may be helpful to experiment with a finger first, etc. Make sure she is very excited first as that helps with relaxation. And she will need to relax!


You need to go slow initially. There is a muscle in there that will contract and tighten, so you have to take it slowly and be relaxed so it will relax too, and after that she should be fine. It can be very pleasurable for women too, but at first if you are nervous and tighten up it will be painful.


Just be patient, listen to her, and again...LOTS of lube!


Use condoms as well, as there is a risk of e.coli and infections for example to you, and NEVER go from anal to vaginal without cleaning up well first as you can cause infections to her.

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Please be as gentle as possible. I've tried anal sex a couple of times and found it excrutiating. Despite using half a tube of lube, a condom and my partner going nice and slow, I bled and bled. It was horrible.


I know some couples enjoy anal sex, and that's fine...but it wasn't for me. If it hurts her...STOP!


I wouldn't do it again in a million years.

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Use a condom and lots of lube, but the best way to do anal is to have a long, slow foreplay session. Give her oral (if you guys do that) and use your fingers in her vagina and then her anus... work up to two fingers and stretch, penetrate, relax, etc... until she's really enjoying it and very relaxed. There should be no pain at all when you actually do anal if you use a lot of foreplay. Also try to have her on the edge of orgasm when you actually enter her and use manual clitoral stimulation to make her orgasm.


...she'll love it.

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My experiences with it are a bit strange..my ex (from a few years ago) did it a few times and from what I remember it was fine. I guess he knew the right things to do beforehand!


However with my more recent ex, we tried a few times and it hurt like hell! It was obviously something he had done before and liked, but yet he didn't think to use any lube ?? Very strange!

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