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My girlfriend is bi and won't dump her ex-bf.

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interesting problem, not one that I have seen before... that is really just down right weird, maybe you need to buff up a little bit? women dont like scragaly men {no offence I cant exactly see you LoL} maybe you should act out something in the magazines or {I don't know how far you wanna go but...} maybe a sex toy of some sort, maybe she has a little nitch that you just need to pick up on. that is interesting problem. maybe she just doesnt like sex. it is possible. { although none to common i'll give it that}

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I agree. I think that maybe your girl just needs something different in the sex life, but I think first of all you should discuss this with her and find out what her needs and passions are.


Is there anything else in the relationship that is not going as well as what it should be? Normally, sex is the last thing to drop off when there are other problems and it would be worthwhile discussing this with her. Reassure her and tell her you love her and want the relationship to work but that you have your needs and you want to know what hers are too.


I don't think that this is a weird problem, lots of girls look at porn we just don't tell anyone about it, because it is frowned upon for girls to admit they like it.

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I am not sure how to help you out, but I can tell you I know the feeling. After only a year my girlfriend is not into sex. I wish you the best of luck working everything out with your girlfriend. I know it is hard, but take it one day at a time, and let her know how you feel, don't hind your feelings it will only make things worst.



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