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Question about NC.. What's next?

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Dec 15 is the last my ex and I talk, and it didnt went really well..

He tried to kill himself and I talked to him, wanting to help me but he didnt wanna talk to me about it.. so I left him alone.. and I waited..


I did, what i think is NC.. not trying to contact him at all..

the next day he left a message on a message board we both go..


There is this thing on the board where we leave comments about the person. and he left "good friend, good player and very smart"


Then, i didnt talk to him at all, and i waited.. i didnt use the comment he left as a reason to reach him, i didnt comment back like i did with the other person who left comments on my profile..


Today he sent me a text saying he was going back to the game we met, we texted a lil about the game.. how the game needed his legend back (cause he is really good and he always say he is the legend of that game).. and how people who left comments on his profile were funny.. and how happy i was that he left the "very smart" comment.


Now, I dunno what to do.. do i go back into the NC.. or do I rush to him? Do I wait that he talk to me again?


Thanks for your answer

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NC ing would count normally. However EVERY threat that goes over suicide should be taken SERIOUSLY. I know cases where people have comitted suicide because their gf/bf left them. However you should NOT let yourself be blackmailed, rather write him that no relationship is worth killing themselves over, and that you aren't worth killing yourself over either, tell him to seek professional help. Then leave and go into NC and show some spine and NEVER contact him again.

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