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I'm sure this is fairly common, but I'm running out of ideas.


The past few weeks with my girlfriend haven't been that great. With both of our schedules conflicting with one another, we barely got to see or speak to each other. At one point we had talked and said that we should work on things over the upcoming break. Completely refreshed and ready to work on things, my girlfriend appeared to not be. I knew something wasn't right when I went to visit her at work and she barely looked at me. I didn't say anything until earlier this week. She had gone out of town to see relatives for the afternoon and we had planned to see each other when she returned home that night. I had called her all night, trying to get a hold of her but she was only available for a few seconds at a time. Finally I got a hold of her a little after midnight, at which point I asked her why she was being so distant. After a little nudging, she finally said that she wasn't happy lately (in general) and wanted to find out why. I kept asking her what she meant and eventually she said that she wanted to be alone while she figured out what was making her unhappy. I asked her if it was me, the most obvious of questions at the moment and she continually said "I don't know." At this point I began to melt down as my world came crashing down. Up until this point we had been dating for an entire year and I have truly fallen in love with her. I asked her every obvious question to which the only answer I received was "I don't Know." The past three days have been hell. I've tried everything I know in order to perk yourself up after a break up but immediately after I just sink into a depression and start to cry. We've been talking every night, late, in which we talk about our days for a little bit but then I always come back to our relationship. She continues to tell me the same thing from the nights before. The part that is really tugging me is the fact that when I say "I love you," she replies with "I love you too" almost instantly, as though nothing were wrong. I really don't know what to do. I know I should giver her space to do whatever thinking she wants, but how do I make her final answer getting back together. I know it may sound pathetic, but she really is my world. I love her beyond belief and she really is a driving force in my life. I've gone through break ups like this before and they have never hurt this bad. Is there anything I can do aside from giving her space? How do I get her back? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Show you have a life of your own , independent of her. Never go into a relationship expecting it to work out just because it concerns you, and realise that a girl can pack her bags and leave anyday.


Never look at what a girl says, look at her body if its moving away from you, it means she's not interested in you. If it moves towards you she is interested in you.


Clearly you are MUCH more in love with her, then she is with you. She might keep you for keeps sake in order not to hurt your feelings, but to me the relationship is already over. Love has got to go BOTH ways, the i love you that she gives is fake.

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