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Well, the Residents moved out of the dorm rooms and have gone home, since finals are over here at my College. A few of the RA's decided to hang out, and even decided to drink. It was just casual, and I hung out with them. I consider them my friends, and am just proud of myself for not drinking. Even though I'll be 21 in about 2 months, I can wait until then, since drinking isn't really a big part of my life and I don't think it will change. I just wanted to post my happinesss, sorry if I bore anyone.

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Well good for you. I didn't drink too when I was 20. I knew that my friends are using alcohol to feel more confident and cool and even tough i was feeling insecure and definitely not cool I didn't want to drink. It wouldn't change a thing in my perspective. I knew i would only look like a kid who's drunk, nothing more.

So now I am 26 and I am not insecure anymore and I think that I am cool and o.k. (wow, such a modesty) so I drink occasionaly but in very small amounts - a drink or two, not more.


I think you're dooing the good thing here.

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I had half a bottle of beer once, and didn't care for it. I've tried wine a couple times, but didn't like the feel.


Besides that, I never drink alcohol... and do not plan to even after I turn 21. It does not appeal to me. I had a friend in high school who was a good guy, but then after we graduated, he went down the drain and became an alcoholic.


You just never know what alcohol will do to you. I would rather learn to be self-confident and happy without an intoxicant.

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