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Ok (im so proud of me about this ) when we were going to carols i was fixing up my room and i found the necklace from my ex and i was trying to think of something to do with it and so i took it with me to carols and i had a idea to thow it over the jetty.

And so i got Shay Rozie and Chaz and David to some with me and we all walked up there and when we got to the edge i waited for a little then i threw it over (the water was beautiful) and the everyone hugged me and then we walked back

I really want to get him fully out of my life.Im so much happier with out knowing him and heaps of other people tell me that.

But latey he has been texting and calling me (i havnt answered/replyed to any) and my says how she feels sorry for him that i 'broke his heart blah blah blah'

Does anyone know what i can do?I know my mum cant tell me who to date cause its my life and etc but arggg!

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