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what is the difference between conversation and flirting


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Well, I have this disorder, Asperger's Syndrome... and so long story short, there are alot of things that I was just born not socially understanding. Among those is this basic difference between extended conversation and flirting, I have studied all the major seduction websites and other references people usually reference, but it appears to be beyond me.


Is flirting just conversation with demonstrating value? throw in a few compliments and keep good eye contact? is there a hidden subtext I dont understand? all the instructional websites describe what to do while flirting, but not what flirting *is*.


is there a difference between 'flirting' and 'hitting on' someone? 'hitting on' someone seems to be more explicit in showing interest, but I dont know.


I'm sorry for the ...diffuclt... question, and thanks for your assistance!

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Conversation is talk that you would have with anyone about anything with no romantic or sexual overtones or undertones.


Flirting is talk with the hint that there may be a sexual or romantic connection at some level - even if only faintly and never actually stated or acted upon.

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yeah, there is a subtle difference that is difficult to tell even if you don't have asperger's. or, someone interpret something as flirting, while another will think that is just friendly behavior. And, yes, I'd say that "hitting on" is more direct, flirting... the person may or may not have serious romantic interest. ie, you can flirt and not want to take things beyond a friendly conversation, eyelash batting, etc.... but hitting on definitely implies the person wants something more.

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conversation is when you are talking to someone and are interested in what is being said.


flirting is more about being interested in the person you are talking to rather then what is actually being said. It also involves a lot of smirks, little smiles, holding eye contact for a bit longer than usual before looking away while you are doing the little smirk, laughing a lot, touching the other person on the arm as you are talking occasionally, shy kind of body language, looking down, hangs in pockets.


hitting on is when the person makes it clear they are interested in you in a romantic way. They might say something like 'you are really beautiful', 'I like it when you wear you hair like that you look so sexy', 'we should hang out sometime', etc.

Their body language would be them leaning forward towards you a lot, a lot of eye contact with more of a happy smile instead of the sly smirk.

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