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Hi, Im a 15 year old bisexual male. Well i've been single for a loooong time *sighs* and after a while I really get tired of being alone. Well lately I've been going around looking for another bi/gay guy to satisfy me. Well everywhere I go theres usually guys who will glance, stare, or look at me ocasionally. Well when i catch someone lookin at me I'm usualy like "Is he gay/bi?" or Im like "I wonder if he thinks I dress or look funny." Well I'm shy so when I catch another guy lookin at me I look away cuz I dont want them to think I have a staring problem or somthing. I sometimes have an urge to smile at them and see if they smile back but I would be embaressed if they didn't return my smile back to me. Plus Im not the type to go up to a total stranger and be like "Hi, my names blahblahblah, whats yours?" So next time I catch the eye of someone who looks at me occasionally does anyone have a idea or tip on how to find out if theyre interested in me or sumthing? I know you cant tell a persons sexuality by looking at them and some of the boys who stare look bi/gay and some dont. So anyone plz plz plz help me.

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