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New job vs. life with girlfriend

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So I've got the chance of a new job with an interview tomorrow. The pay is almost a paycut but the job will be far more rewarding and independent and look much better on my Cv.


Thing is- it comes with a free apartment and so the pay is reduced accordingly. But if I dont take the apartment I cant afford to live anywhere on that salary.


I really want a change but my girlfriend and I were planning to live together and that wont be possible in the near future. It's also a bit further away from public transport and neither of us have a car. I feel like if I take this job it's going to erode our relationship. But it'S a great relationship and I dont want to do anything selfish to jeopardise it. Everyone gets bored with their job and the one I have now is perhaps enough- I can afford to get a place with my girlfriend at the moment.


What to do what to do??????

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I don't know what the job is, but is it -really- hard to get it? Sometimes people have to say no to good jobs because it just doesn't suit enough of the person's needs in life... like not being near public transportation and neither of you have a car-- that is going to be difficult to figure out for one thing. Secondly, shifting what will make you so happy and what your bigger plans were to the point that they're going to be backed up how many years?

You just have to kind of weigh all the options... but you definitely have to talk to your girlfriend about it, too. Because you never know what ideas to a solution that she might have.


I think if in the end, what you described as changing is going to stand then I don't know; I'd try to find something else along those lines. It does matter on the opportunity though too. But if you could get that kind of job within the next year maybe, I'd try for that. Then again I have no idea what job this is though.

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