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hi, i have a bit of a situation here and wouldnt mind some opinions.


i used to live in a rural area and had some solid friends and a huge childhood crush on a girl well call 'jenn'


in a series of terrible situations i ended up being pulled from that life without me even having 5 minuted of preperation, my mother came and said "were leaving" and i was gone and in a strange city ready to start once again.


custody of me was taken by my father and i moved in with him and set up a new life about 2 hours time from where i grew up.


i lived in this new area up to now, i made new friends but was always very introverted as a result of the way i was pulled away from friends and family as a child. i work on this shyness though and have come a long way, i can talk to girls now, but am still very self conscious around them.


anyways i graduated high school a little while ago and moved back to this area to work. i met up with an old friend i had kept in touch with and we started hanging out. he introduced me to his friends and a lot of them were people i had known in grade 3, including this "jenn".


i was hit with a flash of nostalgia as she was my first crush, and i couldnt help but notice how incredibly beautiful she had become. my firend and another guy started trying to set us up since we were both single, but she was shy and i didnt want to make her uncomfortable so i always rejected the attempts.


she had to leave for school at the end of the summer and now lives about 2 hours from where i am, but she comes back every other weekend or every weekend.


it turns out we both 'like' each other now, and a couple of weeks ago we made out at the end of a party. we then slept together non sexually (both of us are virgins).


well she recently got off for winter holidays and i thought id ask her to a movie, so last friday we went and things went alright, not incredible, but were both shy and i had a good time. afterwards i invited her in and tried to make some moves on her but got very shy and ended up sounding very timid and shy. she noticed tho and 'met me halfway' so to speak, and we made out a little before she had to go home.


since then weve been to 2 parties and both times shes practically ignored me. i try to start some small fun conversation and she ends it quickly and says very little. the first party she spoke to a mutual friend of ours as he was having trouble with his g/f who happens to be one of her best friends, i saw nothgin wrong with this as she was just helping a firend and actually liked her more for it.


secdon party i tried again and she completely blew me off again. she always sits next to me and acts firendly, but rarely says anything or puts in an effort to keep small talk going. ( we used to be able to talk all night, but maybe we ran out of things to say, as we were talking for months before we started getting anything more then friends going).


so i got mad and did the same to her, we didnt talk for the rest of the night and when she left she looked at me and said we could talk. i didnt even walk her to her car cuz i was pissed off about this whole situation.


tonight shes doing something so we wont talk until tmrw probly, and i think im gonna see where we are and either 'end?' (did we ever start?) it or officially ask her out depending on what she says is up.


this was mostly a vent (sorry its a novel lol) but i wouldnt mind some opinions on what u think. is she bored of me? tired of me since im slow to make moves on her sexually? does she think were dating and that im an * * * * * * * because i dont treat her as a girlfirend yet? im very confused and this is kindof consuming my life. thanks in advance.

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stop meeting her at parties, if she is shy she might not like everyone hanging about and listening in the conversation. get her alone and ask where the relationship will go. stop being such a whimp and be a man, dont doubt urself, be confident, ir u lack confidence i suggest working out to get ur testosterone up

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the way is see it there are two possibilities:

First, she might be shy like mitch said. That would be the reason she doesn't talk much.

Second, she's beeing flaky, and isn't sure wether she wants to be with you or not.


In either case, you should stop seeing her. If she wants you, she'll contact you. If she doesn't have your contact info, walk up to her and give it to her. Don't talk, and don't say a word. Do it calmly, you're not mad, you're just sick of her flakiness. Make eye-contact, hand the paper to her, and walk away. NO WORDS.


If nothing happens, you DON'T CARE. Move on dude. There are plenty of hot mamas out there, just like her.

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