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Dont know if this is the right place to put this in. This is a problem Ive had since probably middle school. I don't know why some people label me as being the quiet/shy type, I have never thought of myself as that type of person at all. For years Ive tried to get away from that type of personality yet nothing seems to work. I try to talk as often as I can, I've tried to initiate conversations with people. I often try to create small-talk, even if its the most random thing to bring up in a conversation. I know that I am not totally reserved. Yet I still hear it to this day and the more and more that I hear it the more pissed off I become. Its become so bad that now everytime I hear the word "quiet" I totally flip out (yelling, cursing etc.)


Some of the people who consider me to be quiet are also the same people who will either ignore most of what I say or when I am trying to start a conversation they will use one-word answers and then not say much else. Yet they still consider me to be quiet/shy. People love to bring the issue to my attention all the time, I know there are some people out there who are less social than I yet they don't hear it as often as I do, its like people constantly expect more out of me or that there's something about me that attracts people to me and this quiet/shy crap sticks out like a sore thumb.


I don't know what to do, I've tried everything that I can think of to shake this image. There is so much more to me, I wish I could be seen by my peers for other characteristics about me rathar than always hearing; "oh he's the nice quiet guy". I typically don't let most things that people say about me get to me. But for some reason, being called quiet/shy really pushes me over the edge. I sure as hell do not want to be remembered this way.

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You know...sometimes I read posts and think "I'd like to reply but have nothing to contribute really".


Which is what I felt here, but actually, yesterday I read my college report/references for university -


"...Emily is a quiet, reserved.. composed individual...."


And I felt very insulted. Mainly because I don't feel this to be true - and on other subject reports, people have written how much I contribute to class discussion.


It IS frustrating, but ultimately different people come to different opinions and conclusions. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter tremendously what people think regarding such matters. It does seem a little bit strange to me, given my performances at parties etc, my outspoken-ness...but what can you do, some people are just ignorant.

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Man I know how you feel! I used to get that constantly but with people asking me whats wrong. All day 'whats wrong?'. I eventually started getting angry and saying- its just my face! I cant change it! Nothing is wrong!

Are they the same people who say it all the time? Or new people that you meet? It might be just a habbit for your friends to say it. When they say it say something back to them til they get the message you dont like it.


'Your very quiet'

'How am I quiet? I've just been talking for the last 10 mins'

'Oh well um...'


make them look silly for saying it, then they will stop.

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