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running very low on fuel


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IT's been 40 hours since NC. And althought I did a lot better, I feel like hell today. I coulnd't sleep, beating myself up with thoughts like how she could not contact me and beg me back, and that she's going out everynight, adn that she's may even be with another already. I know it's none of my buisiness anymore, but I'm breaking. It feels so hollow. I still want her.

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Its really tough man but it will get easier. The best thing to do is be strong and DO NOT CALL HER. Especially in this state of mind you are going to make yourself look weak and needy. The first few days are the hardest but it will get easier. I am not saying you won't think about her but it will get easier. I made it 37 days without making any contact and broke and I am kicking myself in the butt for it now. Just man up and give her what she wants. When she sees you not paying her any attention she will notice , believe me.

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