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Now I'm moving to this fourm...

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My girlfriend and I broke up about 4 months ago, she needed time to herself to discover who she is etc. etc. etc. What could I do? I certinally didn't want to try to hold on to somone who is in that situation... so we split up.


Four months, I lost quite a bit of sleep, cried a bit, and barly talked to her. We only talked a few times and it was strictly busniess, she frequently ended her e-mails with "so how have you been" but I always neglected to answer that question....


So yesterday at the mall Christmas shopping I got a call, figured it was my brother calling for a ride since he alredy called three times in the past 15min... but it was my ex. Since i alredy picked up I decided to answer it.


We talked a bit, I was on my way out of the mall so I talked to her on the way to the car and talked to her for a bit before I pulled out of the parking lot.


When we broke up, I decided that I wouldn't attempt to chase her again, that it was up to her to come back if our relationship is what she wanted, and I would just move on. I did start moving on and everytime I heard about her from a mutual friend etc. it would set me back in my getting over her stages.


I always thought about what I would do if she called or I ran into her somwhere, frequently when I was upset or having a hard time... however what actually happened was quite different. It made me smile and happy... Like I havn't been for awhile.


Anyway, I cut our conversation in the car short since I had to pick my brother up. I just said good-bye and told her we should talk again somtime. Deffinatly tried to not commit myself to calling her.


So the only real question I have is, what do I do?


Of course to answer that you need to know what i want. When I figure it out I'll tell you. I did love her very much, and I still care for her, but there is alot of history.


Any advice would be great.


Sorry if this was incoherant, its 3AM.



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if u are like me u forgot to get her phone number and mailing address and yes another all night party with * * * * and jane i see - lol


as for what u do? i believe u mentioned something about love, and space, and change - so just relax


beside u don't have her number


she always distracted me with those eyes - couldn't focus


honestly if i could pick something right now


it would be snugs and drifting off to sleep [with...opppppppsy]

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Well for right now, the best thing to do is get some rest, and also be proud of how you handled talking to her, i think you did a sincere, polite, kind, and respectful contact... but I wouldn't 'do" something about it right now, and maybe not for a bit... because she didn't "ask about an "us" or a "we"..did she??? if not, then just keep it lite and polite and leave it be for now, and feel good about yourself and how you handle everything so respectfully...

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She didn't mention 'us' or 'we', she did tell me about her friend who was trying to 'get her to got out with him' it annoyed me quite a bit, and she has done this before to make me jelous. I yelled at her then (figure of speech) and it didn't make me feel any different this time. I didn't say anything about it however.


I'd be expecting her to call me for Christmas if she is planning on calling again, if not sometime at the start of school again...

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I was surprised I didn't get a call, actaully a bit disapointed. But life goes on. When we talked she said something about going to the keys after the 1st so i guess she is indesposed at the moment.


When we talked she told me that one of her friends was trying to get her to go out with him. Can't say I ws thrilled by this. But why would she tell me that? I can't immagine she thought I would want to hear that. She has tried to make me jeleous previously by telling me about some guy who was hitting on her, but this was years ago.

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