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Erection Question

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Hi I'm a new member and I think this is a great site. Anyway my question is for the female members:


When and how should a guy get an erection? During foreplay? Before his clothes are off? Just on his own from the mental excitement? Or from physical contact? Lot's of the time I don't get hard until a woman touches my penis or I do it myself, but other times it just does it as soon as we start making out? What's normal? What's preferred?


Sorry for the weird question!

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I'm not a girl or anything, but I'd have to say that there is no right/wrong time to get an erection. Just a natural thing that cannot be controlled and is activated by visual, physical, or mental stimulation.


No girl is going to laugh at your for getting an erection at the "wrong time".


It's not like I'd laugh at a girl if she was wet at the "wrong time" because there is none.

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I'm in my early 20s, and I know what its like sometimes to not get hard until a little into the act.


One girl found it weird and got turned off by me and we ended up just sleeping instead of continuing.


Other girls enjoy getting me aroused.


Then other times I'm hard the second I walk into my door with a girl...


Everytime and everyway I have always wondered what is RIGHT... but I know that sometimes i'm just more int he mood than others. On average I'm hard before my pants are off... but the occasional few times when its not up before, I wig myself out... and usually the girls I've been with did not like that I wasn't hard yet.

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oh god, just sat my exams and right in the middle of the exam "TING" it started, on and off all the way through the exam killed me. This wasnt a one exam thing though, every single exam that week it happened.


But in the bedroom, as soon as the door is shut i have one, ive learnt to ignore it now, my little buddy knows when a good time is on its way xx

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OK so the consensus seems to be I'm really unusual. It seems maybe this is anxiety related for me, cuz the more I've been w/ someone the sooner and more often I get hard w/o contact. It's weird tho cuz I still get erect no problem, I just need a helping hand so to speak, and staying power is no problem either. Anyone else out there like me? I thought I was 'enotalone' but maybe I am!?!?!?

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For me, they just kind of happen.. there are times where all i have to do is think about it and POP! there ya have him! But there are times where the little man will go on and off even in bed. Like if i'm down on her... then it'll relax a bit, and will need a little help to get ready again.


Hope that helps

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