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By Your Side


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A little song I've worked on today...



By Your Side


You know that I have broken

The one and only token,

To your heart.

I wish that I could take it

Another chance to remake it,

Here with you.

But you’ve shut me out of your life

Cut through my soul as a jagged knife,

At least you are okay.


You are the one for me

Standing on my knees I plea,

To give me one last chance.

I * * * *ed things up once again,

One of many of my sin,

To leave you out in the cold.

I’ve tried to love you twice,

You froze me with your ice,

But I’m still trapped by your spell.


I’ve hurt the only thing I’ll ever love,

It’s * * * *ed up as a murdered dove,

And nothing I can say,

Will make you see things my way,

But I’ll still always try,

Because I’m right here by your side.


One day I hope you know,

I never meant to be so cold,

But you forced my actions to death.

I’ve walked the road without you,

I did things I didn’t want to,

But you were always on my mind.

How can you just ignore my cries,

How can you hide the truth in your lies,

Or the dying dilemmas I’ve worked through.


There’s not one in the world to match,

The memories worn away to a patch,

The patch that fixes nothing we’ve went through.

The world is too big for just me,

I need someone else that can see,

The world as I do.

You are the only one,

That I could see past the sun,

You were my stars as well.





But you’re tired of my * * * *,

My promises worth a spit,

A spit on the corpse that was once known as our love.

And you’re tired of me wearin’

Out your heart and tearin’

All your feelings to smithereens.

I know I’ve * * * *ed things up,

Just show me that you give a * * * *,

And I’ll leave our future up to you.



I’ve stepped in the light now I see,

That things just aren’t well between you and me.

Now I wonder where did I go wrong?

I hope it’s not too late,

I am the enemy of your state,

Your state of mind, and well-being.

Now I am left a wreck,

And there is not a speck,

Of remorse that you’ve saved for me.



I’ll never come accross the chance,

To be with you, just one last dance,

Because you strive to play with my heart.

And I feel like I have just made,

The one and only red mistake,

That I’ll always regret,



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