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I know u look at my title and ask yourself why you sad I’m about 2 tell you see I just found out like 2 hours ago that the boy I was going wit every since I was 13 and that I’m still in love wit is in jail 4 killing his mother boyfriend because his mother boyfriend was beating on his mother the thought of him in jail is making me so unhappy and I want 2 talk 2 him and see him so bad. I love him so much that I would go see him in jail every time I can this so like eating me up inside that he is in jail. What advice or what would I do about this.

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He killed him? How old is he? Are you guys married? Kids? I assume he just got arrested and is being held until bail is established. He will go to trial, so all is not lost. It sounds like he did a good thing to me. Were drugs or alcohol involved on anyone's part? The only advice I can give you is to support him through the trial, and help him find a damn good lawyer. If they convict him of second degree murder, something is wrong with our judicial system. It was a crime of passion. I'd do the same thing.

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