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Friendship vs Love.....which should i choose?

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HI All


Well it's been a while since i last posted here and now i have a whole new dilemma.


I have this friend who I have known since i started university, so we've been friends about 5 years. We met during our FROSH week. During this same week I met this girl named Janet. No Janet had met Scott a few days before, and one day she and I were talking. She asked me if i liked Scott and I told her i did and she said "thats great, but hes mine". Ok so i dropped it. Classes start and i have one with Scott. We get to know each other and I find out that he and Janet have never dated. But since then I had started seeing someone else......


Now about 2.5 years ago Janet says one day "oh yeah, Scott had a thing for you during first year". So i confront him about it (we had developed a friendship by this point). He turned red and said that Janet had said that I had a boyfriend back in my home town, which he later learned was wrong but then i had started seeing someone. At this point i was dating my long time boyfriend so again the timing wasn't right.


So now, I'm single. i've realized that im not still in love with my ex...but i have realized that I still have a thing for my friend Scott. But now its a 5 year friendship (he's my best friend). We torment each other and joke around on a verbal level, but we havent done anything physical (and yet i have felt like we were really close to doing something) and hes always been a little protective or jealous (depending on how you look at it) of my relationships.....


So my question is: How do i find out if Scott is still interested in me? And should i risk a 5 year relationship to see if it could work between us??](*,)

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Try doing it lightly - mention that you had a thing for each other back then and ask him if he thinks it would have worked out between you if you had got together. See how he reacts.


When you ask him - don't do it in a joking manner and make sure you are looking into his eyes.

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yeah, it won't be embarrassing, b/c you both really did have a thing for each other.


This could turn out to be a really good relationship, b/c you both initially felt chemistry and now you have a deep friendship.


So just do it straight forward like DN said.

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