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priceless to you

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you put me up for sale

the asking price says nearest offer,

nothing specific


passers by look at the goods

assess its worth

and note a value for only you to read


you collect bids,

smile preciously

realising the worth, what do you want to do?


you begin to look at the goods

assess them for yourself

circle what could be bought

before putting in your own offer


i look at you with a smile

wanting to stand down from this stage

you open up the bids and my heart bleeds

you bid the least

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you think a price tag

would ever be placed

on you

by me or anyone else

that is like believing i can lasso the moon

and have it shine in yer eyes

when i am with u

everything moves in slow motion

i can hear the sound of crisp fall leaves

as they tumbled in your hair

and the smile it brings

warmed by your heart

and i grab your hand

to feel a part of that moment

i enjoy reading the looks you give

sometimes i guess right

and collect the prized hug

we are a circle where nothing

can harm us

it is always within us

and just for us alone

before you put

down your thoughts

as final and unbending

think about your own words

not mine that desire to convince

thinking of mornings

sunshine drenched and help open

eyes that stare at each other

and start the morning that way

please consider this

u and i dance around this minefield

both wanting and knowing

that together we are special

and will always be

i do not fear losing u

i fear having us both

go thru a life never knowing

if trying once more

was the magic potion

but that we held back

because of things inside us

that really are not us

i will tell u this

i may be all bluster

and choatic and confident

and you may be stubborn and hurt

and fearing the worst

but when u look at the big picture

all i am asking is

if u want my hand in yours

and we work together

without expectations

or limits of time but with honest intent

then i would be honoured

to once again be your man

in every way that is heartful

and true

i know you are scared and confused

and love and don't love me

that who u are know

that's what i like about u

u being u

so if this gave u any kind of feeling

of relief

i am glad and would

be strong and supportive

for you are what is important


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