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Great break up/NC music!


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I really want to help everybody, including myself. I honetly think that in the first few days of shock because of the break up, and then the stress of NC, we really need distraction. I've been listening to music non-stop all day long.


Does anybody have any briliant song that really helped you and could help others?

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These are little geared towards the lady in the break up:


Me, Myself, & I (Beyonce)

Bye Bye (Jodee Messina)

You're So Damn Hot (OK Go)

I Can't Quit Her (Blood, Sweat, and Tears)

On Thinking It Over (Sarah Vaughn)

Love Me or Leave Me (Nina Simone)

I Saw the Light ( Wynona Judd)

Quitting Time (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

Human Nature (Madonna)

Little Goodbyes (Shedaisy)

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Good thread!


My picks: anything by the Pixies. Nick Cave - Abbatoir Blues double disk (thought the sex appeal in this can be a bit irritating for a break-up) and whatever album 'People They Ain't No Good' is on. Lots of Bob Dylan - particularly 'Don't Think Twice' and, if you want a cry, 'It Ain't Me Babe'.

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Word up Dnoz!!!


"Call me when you're sober" may be the best for those of us trying not to break NC when our exes text us to "just see if we are alive" or the ex gives us that crap about being confused...


I advise all those in pain (and more to the point, those who have just been told by their bf/gf that they are confused and are thinking about dumping them) watch this video a few times.


I may be in love with Amy Lee if I dont stop watching the vid...


It's funny, I heard this once or twice just before we broke up and wished so bad I had the strength to say those words at the end of the song to her "...I've made up your mind."


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Thanks. I love that one too. My favorite is still Irreplaceable though. There is so much in there that sounds like it was written specifically for my ex.


"I could have another you in a minute. Matter fact (s)he'll be here in a minute" Yeah....where on earth will I ever find another single mother of 2 with bad credit, no money, living with her parents, and with a crazy ex that wants her back? Dime a dozen, I'm tellin ya.


"If I can't be your everything, how about I'll be nothing. Nothing at all to you." Yep. That is exactly the essense of NC. Take away their safety net and let them know you will not be there to catch them ever again...and mean it.


I love that song. I am thinking of sending it to my ex, but that would be breaking NC, so I won't do that.

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I listen more to lyrics instead of melody when I'm going through rough patches, but these have the best of both worlds


Bic Runga - "That's Alright"

Basement Jaxx - "Good Luck"

Keane - "The Last Time"

Lemar - "What About Love?"


and one that really hits the spot for me...

Keith Urban - "You'll Think Of Me"

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It's approaching 1 AM in California and I am exhausted. I recently went through a break up a month ago and I put together a "BREAK UP" playlist. Most of these songs are really, really upbeat (except for maybe Simon and Garfunkel) because I'm done with crying to Coldplay. I wanted stuff that was gonna make me dance (or at least get up and move and get on with my day). Some songs aren't necessarily "break up" songs, but they comfort me nonetheless:


Outkast - "Hey Ya!" (Andre 3000 said that he wrote this song about the difficulties of romace and relationships. However, realizing the beat was so good he figured people would dance to it even though it's not putting romance and such in a good light, hence the line: "ya'll don't wanna hear me, ya'll just wanna dance.")

Kelis - "I Hate You So Much Right Now"

CAKE/Gloria Gaynor - "I Will Survive"

De La Soul - "Me, Myself, and I" (Not really a break up song, but it still kinda works)

Milk Inc - "Breathe Without You"

Everclear - "Now That It's Over"

Everclear - "Hating You For Christmas" (I seriously kept this song on repeat all throughout the holiday)

Mariah Carey - "Shake it Off" (the Jay Z/Young Jeezey remix is stellar, too)

Groove Coverage - "Poison"

Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone"

Nelly Furtado - "Maneater"

Eamon - "Don't Want You Back"

Christina Aguilera - "Stronger"

Mötley Crüe - "Kickstart My Heart"

Lyrics Born - "I Changed My Mind" (ft Jurassic 5 and DJ Shadow)

Atmosphere - "F*** You, Lucy"

Simon and Garfunkel - "Come She Will" (from The Graduate)

The Shins - "Kissing the Lipless"

Jack Johnson - "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing"

Hot Hot Heat - "Oh, G*ddamnit"

Hot Hot Heat - "Goodnight, Goodnight"

Garbage - "Special"

Death Cab for Cutie - "Crooked Teeth"

The Dandy Warhols - "We Used to Be Friends"

UB40 - "Red, Red Wine"

Blondie - "Heart of Glass"

Madonna - "Hung Up" (it's a cheesy song, but whatev, it reminds me why I'm happy I'm out of the relationship)


Other songs that aren't really about break ups, but make me feel I'm one heck of a woman:

Rick James - "Super Freak"

Rod Stewart - "If You Think I'm Sexy"

Sublime - "Love is What I Got"

JT - "Sexy Back"


etc, etc. Everyone has their own "power songs".

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Best one ever for me is "Red Rubber Ball". It's a Simon & Garfunkel song, but was recorded by a group called the Cyrkle.


Mariah Carrey's "Someday" is also a really excellent one, in the whole "one day, you are going to REALLY regret dumping me, but by then, I'll have moved on" sort of way.


Garth Brooks "Friends In Low Places" is just plain fun to sing along with when no one else is listening. XP

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Irreplaceable by Beyonce'. It is on my ipod. I know every word and sing it out loud every chance I get (by myself, of course!). Stay way away from sad country songs. They hurt like heck. Heck, everything hurts like heck during this phase. Keep up the NC. It truly is the best.

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"These eyes" by three dog night.

"Second Hand News" Fleetwood Mac

"Go your own way" Fleetwood Mac

"November Rain" Guns & Roses

"If it makes you happy" Melissa Etheridge

"Picture" Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

"Lose Yourself" Eminem

"Far Away" Nickleback

Where'd You go. Fort Minor



Justin Timberlake has a SNL spoof on YouTube called a "**** in a box". It is hilarious. When I'm feeling down I watch it and it makes me laugh. I also have the song on my ipod it's listed under my play list of "Happy Songs". Stay way away from country. Darn those Rascall Flatts boy for "What hurts the most". It spells everything out.

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Cant Bring Myself to Light the Fuse - Rockstar Supernova

Looking at Her Face & She's Leaving - Tyrone Wells

Oh Lately It's So Quiet - OK Go

Rewind - Stereophonics

Fell On Bad Days & Live Through This - Rubyhorse

Run - Snow Patrol

Love Is Blindness - Devlins

I Don't Love You & Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

Burn - Ray Lamontagne


. . . in no particular order . . .

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I've been listening to a lot of the same stuff sasha faye has been listening to ... I think it's best to keep your music selection rather light-hearted at a time like this. I hate that I can't listen to most of my favorite songs/artists because they all remind me of my ex! Hopefully that'll pass eventually. I too made a "Keep on keepin' on" mix; here are my favorite recommendations ...


Alanis Morissette - "Hand in My Pocket"

Alkaline Trio - "Stupid Kid"

Ani Difranco - "Superhero"

The Beatles - "With a Little Help from my Friends"

The Beatles - "Getting Better"

Belle & Sebastian - "I'm Waking Up to Us"

Bjork - "Army of Me"

Bright Eyes - "I Believe in Symmetry"

Bright Eyes - "Bowl of Oranges"

The Decemberists - "Culling of the Fold"

Destiny's Child - "Survivor"

The Dresden Dolls - "Gravity"

Dropkick Murphys - "The Dirty Glass"

Fiona Apple - "Extraordinary Machine"

Fiona Apple - "Get Him Back"

Hot Hot Heat - "Goodnight, Goodnight"

Hot Hot Heat - "Bandages"

Hot Hot Heat - "Oh, Goddammit"

Jets to Brazil - "Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back from the Lab and We Think We Know What Your Problem Is"

The Juliana Theory - "This Valentine Ain't No Saint"

Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone"

Kelly Clarkson - "Walk Away"

The Shins - "Kissing the Lipless"

Queens of the Stone Age - "Everybody Knows That You Are Insane"

The Smiths - "How Soon is Now?"

The Sounds - "Much Too Long Now"

Violent Femmes - "Ugly"

Violent Femmes - "Kiss Off"

The Walkmen - "The Rat" (this song is awesome for those of you who have exes who broke your heart and keep contacting you)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Cheated Hearts"


For the ladies, definitely listen to lots of Ani Difranco! Tori Amos is great too, if she doesn't make you too sad...

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