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do girls jusy give there #'s out?


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was out last night.....talked to a bunch of girls got 3 numbers......from really cute seemed to be intelligent girls.......fresh off a break up and low self esteem i managed to get some attention.....lol


now what i feel like when in a loud club its hard to converse so i just hang out and have fun i am confused if i should wait to call or should i text heck i forget what to even say anymore in the beginning and i am nervous that these girls werent interested......but i did get their #'s

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Unless you pressured them (which does not seem to be the case) they were probably interested if they gave you their #'s.


from really cute seemed to be intelligent girls


They likely saw you as cute and intelligent too. So give credit where credit is due.....don't just assume that they give their numbers to everyone or that they are not interested. Put a feather in your own cap.


Call in a day or two...



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I say that it depends on what you want with these girls. I say its best to keep your options open and set up some kind of casual dates with these women and see which one you are interested in. Remember that dating is a process and it may not work out with these women but you are going to learn some things from these dates. The key is to just have fun and get to know these girls. As far as my rule for girls that you meet at clubs I say wait about 3 days before you call them.

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