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Vent: Don't like sharing my space right now

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So our house is quite big but is a 4plux and we only live in a small part of it. 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath. Like a small apartment. We are looking to buy a second house right now more suited for the baby on the way.


Why do friends that pop into town for the holidays think its okay to stay on our couch? I am 17 weeks into a very difficult pregnancy. I barf all day and am awake all night. If we had a guest bedroom where they could keep their crap and stay in there for the night it would be a different story. Our place can barely contain the two of us right now let alone these house guests coming in and out all the time. But these people are my friends. How can I cope with them cramping my space? Damn holidays. Always seem to bring more stress than cheer.

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Your right. Alot of ppl would just sit there and be all uncomfortable and just love it (no sarcasm meant, sorry if it sounds that way). They would just be stoked to have someone over for a sleepover. Makes more sense to think of it that way rather than whining that I can't walk around naked anymore. There will be a guest bedroom in the new house for sure so if they still want to come over that will be ok. I doubt they would want to with a little baby though. We're kind of in this transition phase into family life right? I hope we don't get alot of friends who can't seem to fit into our new lifestyle. Like there are just certain things you can't do once there are babies running around. Having our traveling friends sleeping on the couch for example. Man I feel like u, me, and dupree.

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Yah I will probably WISH people would come over because I will end up with cabin fever in the new house with a bunch of babies. Thats always how it works isn't it? As soon as u move into a new house murphy doesn't give u any house guests. Ah well. This week won't last forever.

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haha, hey...once you get a bigger house and more room ...no one will stay the night...serious! When we finally got this house ( much much bigger) NO ONE COMES OVER ANYMORE!


I was always the odd ball of the bunch with the kids...yeah, I got left out of a lot...grrrr


Oh great !! we're moving next year into our new house, with guest room. And now you're telling me no bugger will stay.


Will have to start dragging strangers off the streets.."Pleaseee come and stay over, very pretty guest room, no don't run AWAY"

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