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whats up with this?

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I have been thinking about something. Whats with a lot of people wanting just sex buddies and not a serious relationship? I mean if your 25-30 and older why would you not want a seriuous relationship? And all the std's you can catch also, scary! I am 25 yrs old and now looking for just friends and a serious relationship. I dont mind "casual dating" with a few girls but I would never sleep with everyone I met! Just something I would liek to understand...

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These days people don't marry in their late teens/early 20s and stay married until the first one dies. As someone who was married, got divorced and didn't get remarried for a while, I did miss sex if I didn't have a girlfriend. Many people become promiscuous when between relationships but it's never appealed to me. A regular sex buddy sounds like one solution to the problem. Yes, it can cause problems if one of the buddies starts developing real feelings but, as a stopgap between relationships, it can work for some people.

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