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my ex has my stuff! should i try to get it back?

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my ex and i have been nc for about 3 months now. he dropped me, so there was no "break up" talk or discussion about the relationship ending at all.


he has about 15 of my favorite cd's, as well as a few books, and a keyboard that i let him borrow. i have some books and dvd that belong to him.


it is wrong for me to break nc to ask for my stuff back? i'm still a little uneasy about the whole break up, so i don't want to stir up bad feelings. but he has a lot of my crap, and frankly, i don't think he should get to keep it.


any of you have advice for getting your stuff back? was it worth it? did it mess things up even more?

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yeah, I agree, pack up all his things, send him an e-mail saying you are going to return his stuff and would like your stuff back also. have a mutual friend pick up your stuff.


in the end though, if he doesn't want to or can't "find" your stuff, don't worry, it is just stuff.

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