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Secret crushes

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just be yourself, be confident...


Ask her out...find out whatever she likes to do (fave past-time--baseball game etc)..."There's a game tonight...blah blah blah...wanna watch it together? or you could invite her to dinner...you could say "Do you have dinner plans tonight?"...Wanna go eat at (name of the place)?"

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I agree with the first post. Ask her out to dinner, or an activity. Maybe just to hang out somewhere nice, and quiet. Where you two can just be alone to talk to one another. Go to the beach, or take a walk around the park. If you're too shy to ask her out yourself in public, you should get a girl-buddy of yours to ask her to go to you privately so you can ask her on your own without any interruptions. Good luck!

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You should try being her friend first. That always a good place to start. If your not even close to being a acquaintance to her yet, just start by saying "hey whats up" to her. If your alittle closer than that then you can ask her to hang out with you more and ask her to do something with her. (like see a movie with friends. etc.) Once your very close then you can pop the question. Of course, don't just say 'lets go out' after the 1st day she tells you your her best friend. Wait at least a month after your in that phase then the chances of her going out with you will dramatically increase.

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