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Hey again all...

Posted not too long ago about problems I was having with my bf. A brief rundown;

Together on and off two years. He cheated 2 years ago and left me for the girl, we got back together and then I cheated. Things ended a couple weeks ago. Told him I cheated, we fought, he called me at 5 am harassing me and I changed my number. I am a waitress at one of the local restaurants and he showed up on Friday night with his friends. I brought food to a table next to his. I looked over and saw him. I did not say anything, I just walked away. He told his waitress to tell me he said "hi." She asked him who he was and he goes "Oh she will know, I just want to tick her off." I told her I had nothing to say, so when she went back to his table she said that I really didn't say anything and then he started getting angry with her. He said that her and I were talking crap about him, and that I am just mad at him because I can't have him. His friends were telling him to chill out and that the waitress had nothing to do with him and I. I just want him out of my life. Is this some form of harassment? Should I write him an email or just ignore him? Is he bitter?

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Basically both of you are immature in the way you handle things.


You two should never get back together. My advice is to grow up, i would make it clear to him that you want him totally out of your life.With guys you always have to tell this directly in their faces,because they don't understand subtle things. After you said that its NC for the rest of your life. If he goes after you , its time to goto the police and get a restraint warrent out for him. To me this guy sounds dangerous and control freak.

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So Robo, you think emailing him telling him is a good idea? I thought by changing my phone number that would get the point accross but apparently not. I told him right before I changed my number that it would never work and that there were too many problems and we weren't compatible but he flipped out and called me at 5 am. I can't really tell him not to go to the restaurant; it's a public place and everyone goes there. I'd like it if he didn't harass me and my co-workers though. I just want nothing to do with him at all, like I never even knew him. It will never be amicable with him, he is much too stubborn.

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Well, this kind of stuff unfortunately happens when a couple has a cheat-fest... really, that usually means when both people are cheating and fighting about it, it is time to throw in the towel on the relationship and just do nothing at all to fan the flames of anger or anything else... sounds like he wants to continue the fight, and the best thing to do then is to NOT engage in any communication wtih him, even through other people, just ignore him.


he should NOT be coming to your place of business and causing trouble... i would just do everything you can to avoid him. if you have a good relationship with your boss, if your ex continues to come around work and bother you, then maybe they can ask him to leave.


and if he continues to bother you at home, then get a restraining order. he might calm down and leave you alone if he knows you are not responding and continuing int interact with him, but he may continue to bother you if he's abusive.

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