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does this girl like me or is she messin

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im 16 and i have known this girl for a year. even though i dont see her much im pretty close to her. on friday im goin to see her again and before i say ne thin to her i want the peoples opinion if she likes me or is she makin me look like a fool. aight here's the story. everytime i see her we always flirt( she flirts with other guys too) but about 4 or 5 nights ago, we took the flirtin to another level. i kissed her on the lips a little. i kissed some body parts. i was softly touchin her leg and her arms. i danced with her for one song. but i dont kno if she likes me cuz she is a big flirt so im not sure if she does this with other guys. i asked her bestfriend (which is my bestfriend too)to find out if she likes me like 2 days ago but still havent spoke to her. so im feelin like she is avoidin me to not tell me the answer.so any opinions will be appreciated.




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Hmm tough one. Young girls have a nasty habit of being a little to flirtatious and alot of them do it for the attention. If you really know her then you should be able to work out for yourself what kind of girl she is.


Is she out there just to have fun or is she looking for something more? I don't see any harm in telling her you're interested in her by I have no idea what she'll say, that's for you to judge.


But if you think you've got the nerves and courage to tell her, then go for it. You'll either get what you want our find out she's not really what you want after all.


Good luck mate.

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I dont think you should take this too seriously. Sure go ahead with the flirting, but dont go too far into getting in thought of a relationship with her. Prepare yourself for things that might, or might not come your way.


Try calling your best friend a few more times, and see your response. If nothing happens, you should leave your friend be, and find out yourself.


On your friday date with her, I think you should just have fun, and hang out with her like you probably usually do. When you think the time is right, ask her yourself. You said so yourself that you've known her for about a year or so correct? Well you should know her personality from that one year experience with her. She might be a big flirt, but you never know...There is a level of flirting for fun, and flirting to get a guys attention for a relationship. If you want to know the truth, dont beat around the bush, ask her yourself personally. Of course dont ask her as if you're serious about it, say it in a matter that sounds as if you're joking, but with a tone that says you're serious also. If the relationship scenario doesnt work out for the both of you, maybe you should stay in a level of friends with benefits.

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Hi There !


If you are happy to remain friends with her - then do so.


If you want to get with her, now is the time to play it very very cool. If you appear too keen at this point, she will know she has you, and you will have a smaller chance of success. You can be sure that she has at least thought about what happened between you - and is probably wondering what it was all about. If you go to her like a puppy that wants more, it's a risk that she won't give you any ! On the other hand, if you appear very level headed about it and appear to have yourself totally composed, that will probably look more attractive to her, and more confusing too - which is also something that will draw her nearer !!


The bottom line is that you are probably feeling the butterflys right now I guess, and you need to appear stronger on the outside than you are on the inside if you really want to win her. If you do win her, then you can let the front down, but to get to that stage demands strength, and tact !!


Good luck,



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