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HOly moly!!!! I found out that i maybe passive aggressive!!

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HOly moly!!!! I found out that i maybe passive aggressive!!

Does anyone here sufer from that?? If so, any advice on how to beat this problem? I have realised that it has ben affacing my relationship.

it has been affacting everything it do!!

How can i solve this problem.. I am really disappointed that i havent figure this out sooner..


Anyone, any ideas??

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honestly.. nearly everyone one on the list..

I just talked to my sister about it and se just told me that she knew..

and tat she did mention it but i must have not noticed it or should i say denied it. ( Another traits of a passive aggressive)

Procasstination, rebelious, subotage work expeations, etc..


GOOD GRIEF!!!. i was looking for something to call HABIT. now to solve it.

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Hey Freedom - I'm totally passive aggressive.


It's hard to overcome but I think you can do it.


In my opinion, the trick is to identify your true feelings and communicate them immediately rather than storing them, stewing on them and spitting them back out later.


That is exactly what i DO!!!.. i have a tiff with my girlfriend and held it in for 3 days and the BLEW UP!!!.. and actually it wasnt that big of a deal, but to be honest it matered to me. I shouldnt have held it in.

I just wasnt sure what i felt and what my reaction would cause.



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