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Ok so I met this one girl at my friends party and I really liked her but did not say anything about that to her, was just joking a lot and made everyone including her have good time. This past weekend my friend invited her to a bar with us. I felt that I was doing really good and everyone including her really liked me ( she touched me during the conversation several times and was leaning towards me whenever I was saying something, a lot of body language clues that made me believe she likes me) I went with her to the bar leaving the rest of the group and I asked her for her MSN messenger name (stupid me did not asked her to write down her phone number underneath). We exchanged the screen names but as turns out she does not use it, even though she gave me the screen name? Now I am talking to my friend who is her girlfriend and I don’t want to say anything to her because she can mess it up by telling her that I might be interested (besides I had a relation ship with this friend of mine previously) Now I have her email address but this is in my mail box from a long time ago mass email that someone else sent. I don’t know if I should write her an email and try to get something done over the email (asking for a coffee and whatnot) or should I wait until another encounter, which might happen god knows when.


What do you think?



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