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well I like this girl, but nothing got started between us because with her going

off to college in which she's there now. well she never came out and told me

how she felt,but just said she didn't want to start anything because of college

which I get where long distance relationships could be tough.


even though her and I aren't together but just how I feel about her..I don't

care how long it takes..I just want to be with her. I'll probably talk to other

girls and all but keep things open. hard to tell of course but need opinions in

most college cases all around.. what are the chances she could come back home

single where she's gonna be around alot of guys in which I don't wanna think

about but yet again how are the chances usually someone comes back single?

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I guess you are feeling lonely now and maybe this is why you feel you need to be with this girl but I wouldn't let it control your life. Honestly, you are going to have to accept that you two can't be together and although this will hurt, providing you do understand that you cannot be with her you'll get through the pain.


Someone else will come along for you one day and then it won't matter anymore. You have your whole life ahead of you and unfortunately sometimes they get away. Let her go, and make yourself available to the many more wonderful women there are out there.

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