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Dating just a short time, tomorrow is my birthday

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Hi y'all. Tomorrow is my birthday. Hold the applause please!

But i've been dating this guy just a short time. I would very much like to spend part of my birthday with this guy.. but i don't want to appear forward or force myself on him.

Should i call him and let him know tomorrow is my birthday. I felt stupid to come out and say.. hey.. would you like to spend some time with me on my birthday? We've only known each other like 6 weeks....but I have no other plans or really, in fact, no one to spend the day with!

My friends live kinda far away from me and the few friends I have in town where I live.. well.. the few friends I do have, they said they would celebrate my birthday a couple of days after my birthday.. but that still means I would have to spend my birthday alone!!!!

What kind of friends are these??

I could leave him a message.. What do you think? I did leave him a message earlier in the week stating that my birthday was tomorrow and did he know any good things to do in town since Tuesday is usually a lame day to go out at nite!

I hate to think I've have missed an opportunity to spend time with the guy I'm dating just cuz I was too shy to tell him it was my birthday.

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Absolutely tell him it's your birthday! What a great idea!

Guys need a lot of directness when it comes to birthdays, otherwise they tend to forget when they are. I wish I'd been more aggressive about it when my guy and I started dating, but I too, didn't want to seem forward.

It's totally acceptable and if your worried that you'r e pressuring him to buy you a gift - don't sweat it. If he does, great - if he doesn't, well you know quality alone time is just as good!

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Oh, no!!! I don't want a gift from him. Just spending some time with him on my birthday would be a gift enough, seriously!

I was never thinking of telling him so he can buy me a present!!! don't misunderstood. it's just i had no one to spend my birthday with and I couldn't think of someone I enjoy spending time with more than him at the moment!

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