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I acted bratty...how to clear it up?

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Ok new relationship, things are good...except i have had some walls up and hes noticed.



Anyhow we went out this weekend and I was more open to him, with subtle affection since we were out with others...associating with others and giving him his freedom to do the same but things were more warm then they have been. I realized I probably have been the problem here.


Anyhow things get hot and heavy and sex seemed inevitable but he turned it down, said its too soon. Now, in the aftermath i realize he's right...probably should wait. But at the time i felt dejected and acted bratty...even stating i thought id go ahead and leave. We made up, but im wondering should i say anything more to him or just let my actions speak louder and just not let this happen again?

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I think you should leave it at that. No need to dwell over it, it will make you look desperate and a bit insecure about your actions. You already apologized, he accepted it, now you just have to get back on track with dating and enjoy it!! If you want to have sex with him again just ask coyly perhaps like 'are you ready now?' and let him decide.


I actually think it's really respectful of him to say he wants to wait as most guys would just jump the boat!! wow, that is quite a guy lol.


take care,



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