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Where are the best places to meet women?


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I have found becoming a regular at any hangout place to be a good bet in meeting people. This past year, an Italian restaurant ended up being a gold mine where I dated the manager. After that ended, I've recently hung out with a few female employees all because I was a regular there and got their numbers.


It seems the best ways of meeting people are through friends. Your friends who have female friends who also have friends. It's just a matter of getting out of the house on a routine basis and finding out where the "hot spots" are, especially during the week. Monday might be one place, Wednesday might be another place, and Thursday might be another place. Also, find out where your local bar/restaurant has "college night." That might be an excellent source for you.


Good luck and have fun.

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You can meet really nice ladies anywhere. However, there are a few places IMO that I think should be avoided.


1. The workplace - can be more trouble than it's worth. Conflict of Intrest.

2. Family reunion - that one speaks for itself, that is just awful.

3. Women's prision - unless you enjoy dangerous women.

4. Anyone who works in radiology - they will see right through you! LMAO


Ok, that last one was stupid, but I thought it was funny.

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In this case, let's get to the root of what you can improve on, which seems to be your conversational skills and making friends.


A good start would be to browse a book called, "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. This is the bible of making friends and has withstood the test of time. There is another one by Jeane Martinet called, "The Art of Mingling" which discusses how to jump from one group to the next in a public setting. It's also a decent source.


Hope this bit helps.

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Great question! There are plenty of places to meet women. Besides church groups, or sports groups, or friends, and professional and single organizations...


I think the best place/time to meet women is out on weeknights. That may sound strange, but the weekends, at least where I live, are a bunch of guys flocking crowded bars where the ratio is way to many guys. Almost looks like "gay" bars sometimes


Stop by some good local bars after work on weeknights, and hang out, have a drink or two, and a maybe some dinner. There are usually groups of single women hanging out on week nights because they don't want to hang out in the over crowded bars on the weekends. Plus, it's easier to talk when it's not so loud.


Good luck...

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Anyone who works in radiology - they will see right through you! LMAO

Way too cute I'm taking that one to work.


I think it depends on your region and what you like to do. What do people do where your from and what are your interests? For example, in San Diego where I'm at everyone hangs at the beach, park, desert, or coffee shops. Night clubs are great if that's what you want to do with someone when you go out. If you like to read go to a book store where you can meet someone with a common hobbie. I think you get my drift.

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Denisemarie is right. Also, when you go to places where YOU like to hang out, you are more likely to meet ladies that have similiar intrests as yourself. Suppose you are a country music fan. You are not likely to meet someone with that same intrest at a Eminem concert, lol. (I know that is a crude comparison, but the principle is still the same)

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