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Ex sent me an email saying he missed me and signed it love you

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OK, I left my ex in july after 5 1/2 years and a baby. We were working on getting back together but due to his massive anger problem he had to sort that out first. Then suddenly he meets the new love of his life and isnt interested in "us" anymore. This hurt and it's hard to get over that betrayal. Fast forward to now (3 months down the track) and he sends me an email saying how much he misses me and my friendship and signs it miss you, love (his name). Now ive heard from his mum that the relationship isnt actually as perfect as he said it was...I asked him in a reply email why he signed it "love" and he says he has no idea.


Is he full of bull and is still hooked or is he playing games?.

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He's probably having to deal with the end of an impulsive rebound relationship, and trying to use you to get over it.

Has he announced a sudden end to his anger problem? He's learned his lesson?

I'd be careful about entering a re-run with this guy, no matter what he says.

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