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I love this girl. She's not like anything I ever pictured as an ideal girlfriend, but she just seems so perfect. And hey! Lucky for me, she's bi, and she swings toward the lesbian side quite a lot.

So we started going out. Problem: we keep breaking up. It's not because we fight or have personality problems or don't like each other anymore, it's circumstances outside our control, such as her controlling, homophobic mother and our extremely busy scheduals.

We broke up for the fourth time a month ago because she said, due to all these problems, we won't get to see each other very often and it might be for the best.

Well now the problems are gone. Her mom has suddenly gotten more accepting and less homicidal towards me, and our scheduals magically ended up being perfectly in sync, allowing us to see each other every day from now on.

I'm still attracted to her more than I have ever been attracted to anyone else, and, even though she won't come right out and say it, I think she feels the same way.


So my question is this:

Should I go for a fifth helping, or leave the buffet even though I'm still hungry and the lines are now empty? (that's a bad analogy, but I'm kind of hungry.)

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Hehe I quite liked your analogy actually


As for your situation, I think that if she really wants to give it another shot then she'll come to you. She after all is the one who broke it off so it's up to her to resume the relationship.


She might not be ready for a full time lesbian relationship and maybe she wants to experience some of the other side too. If you have broken up four times already then obviously something is not quite right...


You could try talking to her about it but I honestly don't think it's what she really wants right now. If it was, then I wonder why she hasn't come back to you.


Best of luck with this, and don't worry if it doesn't work out. There are plently more people out there for you!

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