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He is disappointed! How can I cheer him up?

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My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. It has not been easy for us but we have always overcame everything and we have been together for almost 3 years. Anyway, he has been looking for a job in my country, near my city for the last 3 months but he has not been able to get what he wants. Moreover, one of the guys has messed him about. Anyway, he has just called me to say he is really down and disappointed and he said that he does not feel anymore motived to do his search. He said he is actually gutted and he said he will look for a job he likes in his city. He said he is sorry for me but he has been down about it and he cannot do it. I told him that I am sure he will make the right decision but I am worried about him. He sounded so down. Why is he so down in relation with me? What should I tell him? How can I encourage him? I am scared he will give up on us as well now. I am going to see him in 2 weeks for New Year's Eve. Please help.

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