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Girlfriend complains about "pressure"


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Whenever my girlfriend and I have sex from behind, she complains about a "pressure" in her lower stomach. This causes her to shy away from the doggystyle position..which SUCKS because it's my favorite.


Also, for some reason sex just isn't feeling that good for my girlfriend. She can't get anywhere close to achieving an orgasm from it, and it makes me feel like a total failure. We've been having sex for a long time now, and I think that it's stupid for me to ignore the fact that she just isn't getting as much pleasure as I am. She says that she loves "being close to [me]" and that's enough..and that she doesn't care that she doesn't have an orgasm..EVER.


I love going down on her and making her orgasm through clitoral stimulation...but it just doesn't suffice..


Well, I CARE. So, here are my questions:


1.) Is there anyway that I can work on reducing this "pressure" my gf is talking about? Have any of you ladies felt this?


2.) I've tried so many different positions and techniques, yet my gf can't have an orgasm. I also never take less than 15 minutes..so I'm positive that premature ejaculation isn't the answer here...But what can I do to help my situation? How can I make her orgasm through sex?

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Pressure: doggy allows for deeper penetration, so you could be hitting her cervix. If you try it again, try not to go so deep and see if it still bothers her.


not coming from sex: I've never come from sex, plenty of other women don't either. It doesn't bother me in the slightest! I wouldn't want my boyfriend to make it into a problem when I don't consider it one, because that would make me feel like there was something wrong with me. I know you just care about her and want to make it as good as possible for her, but if your girlfriend isn't bothered, maybe you shouldn't be either?

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