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I became close friends with a woman that I met where she worked.

She had left town and the day when she came back and that is when we became close. We'd always enjoy each others company. She would tell me about intimate things between her and her husband.

When I'd go visit her, because we were close, she'd ask me to do fix her eyebrow, paint her toe nails. She would always close the door maybe fearing he might see us.

She came by in June and things were as allways. She was trying to get a divorce. After that time, she never called again. I'ts been 6 months since that happened.

I now realize that I might indruded her marriage. I'd say that sometimes preferred to go with me and not him. I think that when they reconciled he probably told her to stay away from me because I get no response of that I could have done to upset her but there is nothingl

Could he have been jealous and told me to call me anymore.


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so she suddenly just stopped contacting you after that. For no particular reason? maybe it had something to do with her husband? do u know if theyre still together or divorced? could she have started having feelings for you, and hav tried to stop it by not seeing you or contacting you anymore... could be a possiblity.. i think it might be that but i duno.

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for responding.

To my knowledge, she is still married to him because someone told me that they had seen them driving together.

Yes. She just stopped talking to me from one day to the next. Every thin seemed fine. She was going out of town to her grankid's birthday (she's in her early 40s and I'm in my late 30s). I even sent a gift card for the little boy.

What really hurts is that she didn't even bother to explain the reason why she "got mad". No good-bye nor anything.

I know I have to let go but I can't.

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when my husband and I got back together - i had to call it quits, so did he - we had to do a lot of life altering changes..... sad thing is..i still have the feelings - or maybe just the urges to do the things we used to do! But it is a situation where I will stay faithful and let my urges be just that...URGES....

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