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I miss my ex a lot. I know that he's not right for me because he's not honest, mature or monogamous. But I still miss him. I miss having sex with him. I miss just walking around holding hands. I miss having companionship. I miss a lot of things about having a boyfriend not actually this ex. He was as much trouble as pleasure. He brought a lot of anxiety into my life. I couldn't trust him.

I am so disappointed in him. He turns out to be not a great guy in a great guys clothes. If only his best qualities were his only qualities.

I was so anxious with him. He's so bad for me but still I miss him.

I tired so hard and nothing worked becuase he didn't want it to work.

I did all that I could. Love was not enough. And that makes me sad.

He also has some emotional issues that have nothing to do with me.

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i Have actually noticed how NOT alone I am since this break up. Lots of friends checking up on me. Making some new friends with a lot of positivitiy and maturity , that was missing with the ex.

I am even getting along better with my Mom. It's going the way it should, I just feel sad from time to time.

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yeah the manipulation and lying is hard to deal with from a person who is actually a basically good guy. My ex is a little lost. I can be compassionate.

But it's not ok to take it out on me. I did nothing to deserve the lies.

It's his lost. He has a facade that is hard to get through. I was there for him anytime he wanted to be real and honest. He chose fakeness and dishonesty.

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I find I'm always wondering why it has to be so painful; why can't I have him in my life, and have those wonderful things about him, and about our relationship, and not have to be so badly hurt all the time. He seemed very happy to see me, the last time I saw him. And then he said something so horrible, so full of contempt, I just turned around and walked away. I don't think he even understood that it was not something he could say -- to anyone.


It's very disappointing.

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