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How do dates usually go for you..from start to finish?

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Without giving the actual name of places, or names of restaurants or locales, (because I know for many people including myself it is an issue of privacy) would you mind sharing stories of successful dates, or at least share what a typical great date might be like for you from start (when he/she meets you) to finish?


I haven't been dating in a while and I don't know whether to start at a cafe, then move on to a park, and then move on to a restaurant or public plaza where her and I can intimately talk or kiss..depending on how the date goes.

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Well for me the date would start early around 1 or 2pm and he would take me to eat a light snack, quick fast food. Next we would go to the zoo. At the zoo its so fun to walk around together and seeing all the animals. He and I have so much fun laughing and joking with each other and we get laughs from the monkey cage, those crazy monkeys! From the zoo we would head off to the art museum. Here its the serious side, its cute to gaze at paintings together and walking together. There are nude statues and sensual paintings and you get a good vibe there when your walking together and confront such sensual paintings. Its funny cause we act like we didn't see what we thought we saw. From the art museum its off to a nice restaurant, Italian is nice and romantic. From the restaurant its off to his place to watch funny movies together and eating popcorn together. It was fun decorating the christmas tree with him, he had the tree there ready for set up and just waiting for me to help him out! so that was so fun Well that was my experience on a recent date and it went well, sorry if it wasn't fun filled to your taste, but I thought it was a successful date.

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Here is an idea of a recent date (date #2 of the same woman)


Picked her up at her apartment. Drove her to the movie theater. Let her pay for my ticket because she lost a bet, but I bought her a drink and candy. The second we sat down I made sure to move the arm rest and hold hands with her. Half way through the movie we progressed to more kino and touching.


After the movie we hung out in the mall where the theater is at and took in the xmas scenery. We sat on a couch together and talked about where we were from and things that we liked. Lots of flirting, eye contact and laughter.


Since it was a week night and had to work early I told her it was time to get home (10PM). We drove back home, talked the whole time. When we got back. I got out of the car, walked her to the door, and went in for a 1-2 min. kiss. I made sure to pull away before her. Told her I had a good time and would call her.

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