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SuperDave, I made all the mistakes, I need some guidance

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I was dating my girlfriend for 6 years. In that time we broke up at least 5 or 6 times. We always got back together. The first few breakups I did everything you could imagine. It would be perfect for a class in what NOT to do! I sent flowers, poems, cd's, cried, begged, pleaded, showed up unannounced, followed, had other people call her, talk to her parents, you name it, I did it. Somehow, though she came back. Our last breakup over the summer I did not make a move, and she came back to me! It was about 1 month long, and we got back together, despite her family and my family telling us both to move on. We loved each other. We were working on a house together, and we were going to move in together. Who knows what happenend, but she felt I was not there for her, and I kind of felt the same. One day I left her a message, and she did not call back. I waited for her to call, and it never came. That was 2 months ago! This is the longest break we have ever had. Needless to say, I am going crazy inside. I can honestly say it is the WORST feeling anyone can experience. It is like a death, only in my case maybe worse because I have not closure. Right now I'm sure her parents would disown her if she ever spoke to me again, and my parents would not be happy either. I can't blame them, because they have to go through this every time and I'm sure they are sick of hearing about it. We are not that young, we just have very close families, that is why I mentioned parents. All the odds are against us, and it seems impossible for us to get back together. I believe in God. I know that when things look impossible, He can make them happen, and that is what I pray for. I know this girl loves me as much as I love her, but sometimes circumstances get in the way, at least for a time. Because of the way we broke up, just not speaking to each other anymore, and because it has been 2 months, I would like her to know that I have not forgotten about her. The last thing I would want is for her to think that. Christmas is coming up. I though of sending her a card, but then I though maybe just a simple call to say how are you might be better. I want to open up the lines of communication. I want to know if she still cares after 6 years of dating and 2 months of NC. If she doesn't repsond, then I have my answer. Under my circumstances, would it be wise to break NC?

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Im not superdave, ................


I think you should continue to keep no contact. You are very hurt right now and will probally hurt for a very long time. You want to reach out to her because it is Christmas and really you should nto do that. When you think of calling her snap yourself back into reality.


Its over, and you have to get through this. Keep up no contact, thats what I think.

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I have to agree with Ryan on this one. Get some closure on this. If she doesn't respond, then I think you have your answer. Then it will be time to go back to NC for yourself to start healing. Just ask her where you two stand. It sounds like there has been a reasonable amount of time for this question to be asked.

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okay buddy....

1) read your message one more time and think about what you have said ....

2)definetly dont break nc, you are just looking for an excuse to talk to her..

3)the way you are thinking about her she is thinking about you let it be known even if she begins dating others she would compare them (6 years).

4) she knows you have not forgotten about her but that is the PROBLEM!!!

WE want her to know that you have forgotten her... NC stick to it it is for you to heal ...

5)about parents and all - it doesnt matter when 2 ppl love each other so much parents would not be an issue believe that....

6) you say you believe in god well then you would know he wants the best for you... 5/6 times breaking up probably are signs from him telling you she is not the one....

7)give yourself time to heal don break it by time you will see everything and sooner or later you would know whats best for yourself ...

8)you said unexpectedly she would come back right!!! thats because you have maintained nc in the past and healed in order to see that outcome so thereforeeee nc again is preferrable

9)don pressure yourself into thinking mode ... keep busy you will see you will tend to forget her....


im not superdave i do agree he is great!!! i hope i helped in anyway ...

Goodluck out there we are with you if you need us...

keep us posted.

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