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Does she like me??


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I'm really not good at reading signals and I don't try to dwell on such things, but I am perplexed by this girl and feel as though, at times, that I get "mixed signals". I'm sure I won't be able to think of all the things I do (or she does) when I'm around, but I can mention some of the things and, hopefully, I'll get an answer.


** Our conversations vary tremendously and can be very silly or very serious. Here lately, I really like to just "play around" with her, and she seems to tease me over certain little things (that I'm particular about). Still, we still have serious conversations every now and then, but here lately, whenever I see her, it just seems to be about FUN and SILLY talk!


** On most occasions (probably 50% of the time) that there is a get together that we are essentially all invited to, she'll be sort of like, "Are you sure you don't want to come?", or will ask me if I intend on coming. I don't particularly feel comfortable in large groups which is why I usually don't attend such things. Still, it always makes me feel nice when she asks, but, again, it's not 100% of the time.


** I've known karate most of my life (black belt, in fact), and have just always been playful about fighting. Like, I'll walk up to someone and do just like a play punch or something (not making contact or not fast), but just to play around. She laughs, smiles, and proclaims that, "I shouldn't hurt her", whenever I do such a thing. It was really neat because, the other day, she was like, "I'm learning the proper punch from a workout video I watched" while smiling and held her hand up for a "high five".


** One of my favorite candies is Peanut-Butter M&Ms and, with a pack in hand the other day, she was like, "Ugh... aren't you going to give me one of those wonderful M&Ms" and held her hand out and open... I was like, "DO IT YOURSELF" while laughing and gave her the pack and she was laughing over that!?!


** I love encouragement from her! I've just recently purchased a new home and just graduated college a week ago (and about to start graduate school). I love when she asks about the home and encourages everything I mention. For example, I love to do yard work and once delivered mail as a student job at the university campus I was taking classes at before transferring. When I mentioned that I would like to run my own landscape company or try getting on with the USPS to deliver mail, she was like, "Those are GREAT ideas and you'd be great at them. definitely pursue what you want to do."


** I love to be able to do lunch with her or something but the part that really PERPLEXES me is that whenever she asks me, she's always got a co-worker friend with her. I mean, again, I appreciate that she asks me, but it's somewhat like I'm not totally trusted by her. As for a friend, I get along great with her and both her and her friend will routinely say, "Look, when we give you a hard time, we're just playing."


** I'm not sure how, but she remembers everything I've told her over the past few weeks and months... What my brother does for a living, my Dad, my Mom, where we live, and what all we do in our free time.


What's the deal here? Does she have some interest in me? Or, is the interest on and off? What I mean is, is it possible for someone to be interested in spells? A lot of interest today, minimal tomorrow, or in-between the next day? Thanks so much for any help I get. And, if there are any other things I can tell for a honest response, let me know.

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ehm, is there a problem here other then you being insecure =\ ? Really the problem is you not her, she's displaying all the natural normal and healthy signs in a relationship. For you it would be better to apply 'innocent until proven guilty' instead of constantly doubting her actions. You don't own a person, you can only love her , and reality is that a woman can pack her bags and leave anyday. That's why it would be better to cherish her, and have a great time with her as long as she is there. You are introverted , and you should know the following things. You should act like a castle gate, closing yourself to bad people/things/events and open yourself up to good people/things/events , but in general you should understand that a large group isn't 'out' to torture you.


Actually its even more easier to understand, never look at what a girl says, look at her body if it comes near you on purpose its interested in you, if she dislikes you it will move away from you. I mean think of it , would you stay close to people you dislike? This girl is all over you, i can only hope that you become more open and could feel comfortable in large groups, i had the same thing.


You know when i looked on t.v on a concert and see litterary tens of thousands of people together, i didn't feel like i EVER wanted to be amongst such a large crowd, but one day Avril Lavigne(which im fond of, if your not that's not the point) i thought to hell with it, and went to her concert. And when i was between a gazillion people, i can tell you i never felt better, it was cozy and so absolutely NOT uncomfortable. It was great and i hope you can have such an experience with a large crowd too some day ^_^


that a large group isn't out to to

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Thanks very much for your response. I guess it's just the times that she feels like she is a little "off" from normal that concern me -- plus, we aren't in a real relationship. At least, there hasn't been anybody ask anybody else out (for anything other than lunch). As for my insecurity around crowds -- I'll work on that. And, thanks again for the response.

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