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chinese girls and ppl have high standards,-need decent car, good job, univ educated.,


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do u guys think chinese canadian born / chinese girls , or even ppl, are more into status and education. for example i talk to my chinese dentist-we blah blah and then he asks where i'm at right now-i say still doin school at a community college and working in a call center. for some reason i see him kinda look embarrassed or that look of ah "i guess a fellow chinese guy didn;t succeed and meet up to the goals in life"-meaning going to a univeristy and better like studying: B Sc, accounting, enginering, med school, law or some positon that pays $$. its like i didn't meet up to that standard and in chinese culture and not sure of the other asian cultures-its like a failure.

its not just the dentist , its other chinese too(relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins)-if u say u go to like a good univ like ubc, U of T ,... its looked up upon and the relatives for some reason want to make chit chat with u-hey what yr are u in, what courses are u takin blah blah ......) but if u just go to community college -its like whatever ok .


also a lot of Chinese girls and even cbc ones i find are like that. i doubt a chinese cbc girl would date a cbc chinese guy who only went to community college and has a diploma while she has a degree from a real University and also stuided something like i mention above. maybe the white girls -i think they are less status and education hungry than chinese.


lot of chinese girl have high standards too-u need a car and a decent one nothing older than 6 years old and something like at least a civic or better, u have to have a good paying job, have to be university educated from a good university and studying something worthwhile.


come out to Vancouver its like all of em are rich and have cars and their all nice ones too. if ur a chinese guy without a car or even a decent ride -good luck with the chinese cbc girls-they ain't gonna meet up with ya or even continue dating u. why too many competition from cbc guys who have nice rides. also that u have to be educated and good job ....etc list goes on

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All I can say is that you have goals to have a stable and comfortable life and know how to treat a girl right, you've got it made. And if you're having problems with girls who only look at "status" then they're not looking at YOU. Be you, and someone who values who you are will naturally be attracted to you.


What types of girls do to typically go for?

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I live in Vancouver and have met lots of Chinese girls and have never experienced what you have experienced. I have met tons of Chinese girls who are very content just to live a simple life. As one poster said before, where exactly are you meeting these girls ??? I don't think the ones you are meeting are representative of Chinese girls in general in Vancouver...

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At least a civic or better? That made me giggle.


Nah, I get what you are driving at. I live in beautiful Canada. Not Van mind you, but I like that place.


I have noticed cultural trends. But that is all it is; trends. Obviously, you need to be careful not to pigeonhole people or stereotype.

Regardless, I'm sure a lot of us could share funny stories about people who fit the 'mold' in an almost ridiculous way.


Bottom line though: This is something you are choosing to believe. And does it make you happy or miserable? Trying to live up to these expectations, I mean? Comparing yourself to them?


You don't have to. You can decide it isn't important to you if a certain group of chinese or white or anyone decides that you aren't worth as much time because of your perceived lack of 'proper achievements' or whatever. You could substitute anything! Some families agonize over whether every family member is having multiple children, and some people even will think you aren't 'as good' or whatever if you aren't going to the club the 'proper amount of times a week'.


It's just silly. Disregard all of it, and don't judge yourself based on what you thnk others are judging you on. They may actually be judging you on it, or you could be wrong! So careful who you apply it to, and why you are doing that.


Btw: Canada is a great country for mixed coupling! I look around and think I've cashed in on a great lottery: I can have my choice of all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds, and I know there is a good amount of security that no one will harass me for it.

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Yes, you're right. The Chinese culture is very different from other cultures in that discipline and "success" (in traditional terms) are more important. I've met alot of Chinese students who will actually come out and say that Chinese people are smarter, stuff like that. It's a bit annoying when you're in a class where you're the only non-Chinese and you know they're laughing at you thinking you're stupid.. Yeah, my experience confirms your observation.

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do you date outside of the chinese girls?



yea i do, and i should more often. i kinda of screwed b/c i never did good in school -and i tried very hard-not academically inclined. academics aren't my thing.

i got a 2 year dilpoma from a community college and i might pursue another 2 years for a degree, but thats just from a community college-so its like waht the use its not from a high end univeristy.


i think vancouver is like that girls and chinese girls are more about high standards car, money, good job, not sure about other parts of Canada if they are like that. most chinese in vancouver esp richmond are all like rich driving bmw, benz, and they are all new too. u can never compete with that never also i'm not materialist so i wouldn;t want one.


how many chinese cbcs u now goin into trades-welding. plumbing, construction -its like never ever see one or if u do its like one in 100.if you do see one hes like a immigrant or a total bananna. wow if i trades imagine gettin a date -especially asian -good luck.


how many cbcs u see or now only have a dilpoma froma 2 year college-few to none, most got some kind of degree and from a high univeristy.



for me right now i want to find a gf who doesn't care about material and status and the stuff i mention above , but u now what i think its gonna be super hard. its like one in 200 that don;t care , in vancouver and the girl being cbc chinese.


white girls i think they care less, but too bad most of em don't go for asian guys

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actually i have to agree with you here about the whole asian mentality thing here. theres quite a few asian students @ my uni here and for some reason one day they were talking about their dream husband and what qualities they would look for in him.. yea i was in that convo for some dumb reason. anyway one thing i noticed was they all wanted him to be rich... the whole handsome and shizzle came later. why obsessed with money so much? im 1.5 generation chinese and i dont get it.... of the cbc's i know, none of them talk that way, infact they all make fun of the chinese (fobs) whether it be accent, mannerisms etc.


anyway it sounds to me that you're really hung up on trying to find somebody. where exactly are you finding these materialistic girls anyway? im not sure if richmond is the best place to look, because i've been told by my cousins and friends who live in van city, that they are all materilistic and have more the mentality of the mainland then anything else. and for white girls not liking asian guys, thats bs i find

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I understand where you're coming from. The few Chinese girls I am familiar with do aspire to marry, or be with wealthy men, preferably of their ethnic origin. However, I should mention that these girls appeared to be well-off. Hence, why they tended to gravitate towards men of similar socio-economic background. Let's face it- in the movies, the rich guy or girl will freely give up wealth to be with his or her one true love, but in real life, few would be as brave as to venture outside of their comfort zone and marry outside of their class. Yes, this even goes in the opposite direction, with some women being scared of marrying wealthy men, because they are of a different class, and the women do not know how to fit into that lifestyle.


As for Richmond, yes, many upper-class people live there, so you might not necessarily want to search for a potential love there if you feel she would want to continue her way of life with a husband who would provide it for her. However, there are other places: Burnaby, Surrey, Victoria, Fleetwood, White Rock, etc., where Chinese girls live. I am certain that there must be a few out there who are not hell-bent on marrying for money.


Oh, and BC specifically, is in need of hiring people for the construction work and such at this point. The trades business is rather hot now, especially with the Olympics coming up. The past couple of decades, there was a pull towards business or academics in terms of work, but it has slowed down a lot lately. I have witnessed first-hand students coming out of college or university with their psychology or computer science degrees, and they can't find work in their field. They have to make ends meet in retail, bar-tending, housecleaning, etc. Mr. So-and-so may have a Bachelors or Masters degree to prove his education, but what will that do when he can't find a job in his field? Either leave the province, country, or make ends meet at another job, while waiting for a spot in his field to open up with another fifty guys, vying for the same position.

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My experiences tend to be similar to what joe45 and others have posted here. However, I find there is a strong correlation with how conservative (or liberal) the parents of these girls are. New or first generation Chinese immigrants tend to be conservative and aspire for their children to be doctors, lawyers and other money-making jobs. They pressure their kids relentlessly into being grade-A+ students and are very much against their offspring dating people outside of their own ethnic origin.


That said, second or third generation Chinese immigrants tend to be very different from the above. They are more western than Chinese in their mindset and ways and often tend to come from more liberal parents, who do not aspire for their children to become what they would like them to be, but instead give them the freedom to choose. The Chinese girls from those generations tend to be less materialistic and more interested in who a man really is rather than his money.


So, joe45, maybe you should try to focus on those girls instead. My only question I have is this: what exactly do you want? Do you really want to date a nice Chinese girl or are you also happen to date people from other ethnicities? If yes, then Vancouver should allow you a multitude of choices, but if you insist on dating Chinese then you may find your choices rather limited.


Good luck

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