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i need help.. wut do i do??

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hey.. there are some posts that i had writtin a while ago.. saying that how much i miss n love my ex gf and everyding.. and i still do.. but the thing is i tired calling her and shes always not picking up.. i had no replys from her ever since we broke up ( about a yr ago ) .. how do i know if she still likes me.. we always get back together wen i go visit her.. but thats never over a month cuz i dont live there.. and wen im not with her she never calls or emails me or anyting.. i really like her and i would do anyding for her.. but if im getting no replies, wut do i do? i been thinking bout gettin her someting for her birthday and see wut happened.. but i dont know.. im trying to get over her.. but i just cant seem to find how.. everyday .. i think about her.. theres just nuthing that can keep her off my mind.. can you guys give me some suggestions on if i should keep on going for her or just letting her go.. danks..

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elO! still

leting go of sumone dear to you is hard but holding on to sumone who cant be yours is much harder.

let her go if she comes back she is meant for you. but if she will not go back she is meant for sumone else.

but leting go of sumone doesnt mean that you are weak. it only means that you are strong enough to let go of her.

now if you still want to go, a birthday gift will do. just wait and see her reaction after she receives the gift. but if she still doesnt show any sign at all, i think its the rigth time for you to decide letting her go. if she is really for you she will come back. please dont push your luck on her. if im in your shoes i would go for her. but im the one who can only see the situation not you coz your blinded already and you have to take my point of view. you dont see all the aspects its only as who can. you got point? and i believe that its true.

let her go. dont push your luck.

take care still

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