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he's so confused???

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i was in summer camp this summer and i met this guy the first day ....but then he he ended up going out with my friend ....well she ended up braking up....but that tore me and her apart ....but now shes became a real bitch tords me and got people agenst me ....i had a long talk with her the last day of camp and she said that she still had feelings for him ....but she was the one wo broke up with him ....and i was in the same group of friends as him so when she did brake up with him he came to talk to me and i talked to her for him 8) ...then on the last trip me and him were getting closer and she yelled at me and said i was all over him when he was laying on me ....i just dont understand it please tell me what to do about it.

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Hi fuzzyluv!


This guy sounds like real gold-digger. He is just looking for someone to be with and you where the first person available, don't get me wrong, he saw something in you that made you a future partner material. Ok, so something went wrong. My guess is that your "friend" came on to him real hard or someone tiped him that she was interested in her and he went for it!. I wouldn't want someone like that, but that's why we are different right?!.


Your girlfriend dumped him, mabe she's a gold-digger as well?. But that made you and this guy closer, so here's your second chance with this guy. If you want him you should try to get him by being romatic towards him, sweet talking allways help and give him that certain look in the eye!.


On the last trip, you made your girlfriend jealous by getting closer with this guy. See it from her point of view, she wants him, but you are in the way!.


Don't take it to hard that she tried to get people against you, she just needed to show everybody that she was better than you, she propably isn't though!.


Hope this explains some things for you, and best of wishes in the future!.



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